Our clients

At Kleinwort Hambros, responsible investing fits naturally within our investment philosophy. Drawing on the VaMoS (Valuation, Momentum and Sentiment) framework, we have carefully developed our responsible investment policy to integrate our clients' current and future goals and aspirations. 

Our investment principles

  • Get the big decisions right
  • Take risk only when risk is likely to be well rewarded
  • Avoid large losses
  • Invest responsibly


We believe that a robust investment process implemented in a responsible way puts our clients’ interest at the heart of what we do. As a responsible private bank, our values are deeply rooted in the belief that investors can and must participate in a change for good.

We incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles into our investment process and philosophy. Across all of our portfolios, we strive to limit exposure to sectors such as:


Adult entertainment
Thermal coal
Controversial weapons


To further demonstrate our commitment, we have also designed a dedicated proposition, which specifically supports our proactive approach to responsible investing.

Investing responsibly does not have to mean financial compromise; in fact, we believe incorporating sustainability criteria can improve risk and return of an investment portfolio. In other words, there is no trade-off between doing well and doing good.