Football managers attend Finance Masterclass at Kleinwort Hambros

Twenty football managers and coaches visited Kleinwort Hambros’ offices at St James’s Square this week for a masterclass in the importance of finance, wealth and pension planning.

The initiative, which was launched for managers and coaches of football clubs in association with League Managers Association (LMA), was designed to help educate LMA members on the importance of financial management. As part of the masterclass, Kleinwort Hambros private bankers Maureen Llewellyn and Andrew Lewin gave an overview of the financial planning process, and outlined the principles of investment structuring, retirement planning and estate planning. In addition, Kleinwort Hambros chief investment officer, Mouhammed Choukeir, talked about the current investment landscape and gave advice on how to achieve investment goals.

Maureen Llewellyn, Director, said: “We are seeing more and more managers and players coming to us seeking advice on how to manage their earnings effectively throughout what can be uncertain career paths. It is important for football managers to manage their earnings with a view to the future and, without understanding and experience, we can help them in a credible and professional manner. It has never been more important for football managers to be kept fully aware of the importance of saving and investment along with estate, property and inheritance planning.”

In addition to the financial masterclass, Kleinwort Hambros will help to develop the personal finance modules that form part of the LMA Institute of Leadership and High Performance.

Kleinwort Hambros has a long association with football, and has been managing money for managers and players from Premier League and EFL clubs, and internationally, for many years. Offering day-to-day banking as well as investment management and wealth planning, Kleinwort Hambros advises its clients on how to manage property investments and provides loans for purchases of residential and buy-to-let property as well as giving financial advice during periods spent abroad.

LMA Chief Executive Richard Bevan said: “We are delighted to be working with such a respected and recognised organisation as Kleinwort Hambros and we look forward to building a range of relevant financial services and education and making them available to all our members.”