Our experts' New Year recommendations


Our experts have put their heads together and come up with the following recommendations for the New Year. Some will be familiar to you, others are yet to be discovered. Either way, they should guide you through what is destined to be a year full of events.

  • It is easy to be distracted by geopolitical issues, such as the US election and never-ending discussions with the European Union about a future state, trade wars and all the rest of it, but don’t let them cloud your investment decisions, says Fahad Kamal, Chief Market Strategist (read our latest CIO Blog here). Decades of history shows they tend to be red herrings when it comes to deciding how and where to invest;

  • Invest responsibly! Kleinwort Hambros is committed to being a Responsible Bank in the way we engage and invest, with a roadmap whereby we strive to ‘do better’, says Delyth Richards, Chief Operating Officer, Client Solutions Group and Head of Product Strategy;

  • What would you like to achieve with your wealth? Clarity of thought is always going to make this a better journey, for you and your financial adviser, says Andrew Dixon, Head of Wealth Planning;

  • Invest for the long-term and try not to be distracted by short-term volatility in order to achieve the best rewards, says Andrew Thompson, Head of Investment Management;

  • Investing should always offer good value for money: our philosophy and strategy seeks to ensure active managers earn their stars, and blends active and passive to keep costs lower, says Delyth Richards;

  • If you are looking for a versatile, cheap and efficient means of unlocking liquidity, you need to reacquaint yourself with Credit, says Paul Kearns, Head of Banking and Credit Solutions. Credit can be used for a wide range of purposes, from short term liquidity, to financing an asset purchase, to strategic intergenerational planning and beyond;

  • Cash need not be a drag: consider your liquidity horizons and use Notice Accounts and bespoke Term Deposits to generate a return on cash balances, compared to current accounts, says Paul Kearns;

  • A multi-serviced Private Bank Wealth Manager offers Wealth Planning and Trust expertise all ‘under one roof’ adds Delyth Richards;

  • Private banks can be digital banks! Check out our new eBanking or EVA solutions, which complement our private, individual service, says Paul Kearns; and

  • You need time and discipline to manage wealth and, if you are short on either, you may well need to rely on expert advice says Andrew Thompson.