Oliver Duplan Meredith

Oliver Duplan Meredith

Chief Financial Officer

Kleinwort Hambros

Oliver Meredith was appointed Chief Financial Officer of SGPB Hambros in 2009. Oliver is also an executive director of SG Kleinwort Hambros Bank Limited and SG Hambros Limited being the group holding company.

Oliver has full responsibility for the Treasury and ALM function for Kleinwort Hambros. Oliver’s key current responsibilities are to create combined Kleinwort Hambros finance teams across locations by retaining key skills and knowledge. He is also responsible for maintaining accurate Prudential Regulatory monitoring reporting and relevant financial control including performance management for the Kleinwort Hambros businesses throughout multiple transformation scenarios as part of the bank reorganisation plans.

Oliver manages finance teams based in the United Kingdom, Jersey and Guernsey, Gibraltar and the services of outsourced finance hubs located in Bucharest and Bangalore. Oliver is also responsible for the Treasury and ALM teams based in the United Kingdom serving all Kleinwort Hambros locations. 

Oliver is a Chartered Accountant and Fellow of the ICAEW. He enjoys a keen interest in cricket , walking and current coinage. He also enjoys recycling and renovation of cars and computers.