Rebecca Ackroyd

Rebecca Ackroyd

Rebecca Ackroyd obtained her post-graduate degree from the Royal Academy in 2015. Her work explores oppositions, notably between architecture/human, domestic/urban and feminine/masculine. She works with a wide variety of media, from found objects, wire mesh, plaster and wax sculptures to works on paper.

Ackroyd’s works compose a dreamlike world. The artist seems to portray our reality through the lens of another dimension. Here female figures ‘bask’ on the gallery floor, their crash helmet heads cut them from contact with us, while their interior is exposed through blood-red ‘windows’.

Our physical and psychological experience of space is important to the artist and is explored in her installations. From oversized body parts in rough plaster to a manhole placed in the centre of a room, Ackroyd leads us on a narrative journey, which although open to interpretation, clearly invites us to question our assumptions on the world around us.

In parallel to the material and physical aspect of her work, Ackroyd produces sublime gouache, pastel and charcoal works on paper. The fantastical dream-like renderings function in harmony with the sculptural installations and allow the artist to work through ideas and freely explore her imagination.