The WealthiHer Network

Kleinwort Hambros is one of the founding partners of the WealthiHer Network.

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Tamara Gillan of Cherry London and Lauren von Stackelberg, The WealthiHer Network is an essential force for change, championing the transformation of the industry’s approach to women; understanding their diversity of needs, celebrating their success and empowering women to grow and protect their wealth in new ways. 

The WealthiHer Report 2019: Understanding the Diversity of Women’s Wealth

The 2019 report features the results of the UK's largest study into female wealth to date. This report sets out to achieve two objectives:

  • to understand what wealth means to women

  • to find out if women’s attitude to wealth changes as they become more financially secure.

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Improving the industry isn’t just about benefitting women. It’s about benefitting everyone.