PB Magazine

See the world differently with our new magazine.

After an artist and an explorer, we now have a soprano conductor on the cover of PB. These are all exceptional, determined and inspiring people who, in each edition, have shared with us their vision of the world and their commitment to it. Perhaps some of you might be surprised, not expecting their bank and this magazine to dwell on such topics. Yet these three committed individuals, each masters of their fi eld, are fully in line with the spirit of our new magazine.

Beyond her immense talent and generosity, Barbara Hannigan is the perfect example of women gaining access to professions that were once closed to them. I am particularly pleased to welcome her to this edition of PB, as our Group has invested heavily in the field of musical sponsorship.

PB aims to highlight many subjects that, directly or indirectly, contribute to the “positive” development of society by dedicating an important part of the magazine to imagination and innovation. The fields covered are innumerable, be it biotechnology, the cities of tomorrow, environmental protection and so on. This new edition devotes several sections to the impacts of the digital revolution on  education (our “Key Report”) and on the future of our shopping experience (“Visions of the Future”). We will also meet Michel Feraud and Loïc Le Gaillard who show us how we can successfully innovate across activities as different as pharmacology and design. 

You can read the magazine here.

John Maitland, Group Chief Executive Officer of Kleinwort Hambros