The WealthiHer Network

Kleinwort Hambros is one of the founding partners of the WealthiHer Network, understanding the diversity of women’s wealth.

According to recent research, women’s wealth is the world’s fastest growing market. It is estimated that by 2025, 60 % of the UK’s wealth will belong to women.*

As one of the founding partners of the WealthiHer Network, we recognise the importance of diversity and we believe in the importance of making sure female clients are empowered with the trust and confidence they need to manage their wealth. 

We also understand the importance of creating a fully inclusive, diverse organisation and we are committed to retaining and attracting female talent. We have signed up to the Women in Finance Charter which outlines our commitment to a number of female senior recruitment targets to be achieved in the coming years.

The WealthiHer Network

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Tamara Gillan of Cherry London and Lauren von Stackelberg, The WealthiHer Network is an essential force for change, championing the transformation of the industry’s approach to women; understanding their diversity of needs, celebrating their success and empowering women to grow and protect their wealth in new ways. 

Understanding the Diversity of Women’s Wealth

The WealthiHer Network has launched a report highlighting the different attitudes to wealth and whose findings can only create a positive change within our industry. This report sets out to achieve two objectives:

  • to understand what wealth means to women

  • to find out if women’s attitude to wealth changes as they become more financially secure.



* source: https://www.wealthihernetwork.com/-mission