Break the worry habit before it breaks you


By Tamsin Napier Munn, CEO and Founder of Rawtalks Academy.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a lot my life doing one thing…thinking, overthinking, and this can be dangerous for your mental health!

For anyone who has been through a breakdown or suffered with mental illness – or is still going through it, I honour and respect you, my goodness you’re strong! How do I know? Six years ago, that was me. I cracked and quite literally fell to my knees, the anxiety finally paralysed me. I felt a failure, hopeless and helpless.

How does it happen? Gradually. It can start with one negative thought, and before you know it, it can become a ‘run-away train’. And then what? You have to find a way of ‘jumping the tracks’, otherwise you’re likely to be completely derailed!

Like I did, you may be asking yourself that relentless question, ‘What if?’…and before you know it, you’re catastrophising everything, projecting your life down every rabbit hole of worry. Or perhaps you’re not about to tip over the edge, but you find yourself deeply concerned about the impact the pandemic has been having on your children, on your finances, the state of the nation, on us all - and even more importantly, on what’s to come. Definitely more anxious and concerned than before 2020. Not everyone has to get to a tipping point to understand what a devastating impact worry or excessive stress can have on our happiness, health, relationships, career or finances.

So how do you ‘jump the tracks’ before you find yourself on that runaway train? The good news? If becoming a worrier is a habit, it can be broken, and break it you must.

I have 3 powerful principles for managing excessive stress and worry in order to live a more empowered life, which I will share with you in the forthcoming webinar. However, the first thing you need to take charge of is your mind. I call it ‘Mind Judo’, a technique to literally ‘flip’ a negative thought, before it takes hold, into a positive thought that can be not only liberating, but potentially life-changing. I call these seismic shift moments, ‘Sliding Doors’ or defining moments. When your view of your life, the world, a situation can change in an instant.

How? A 3-step formula I discovered, use daily and now teach others. The first step of this 3-step formula is to pay attention to your thoughts and catch yourself in the act of thinking.

Join me on October 7th for a live webinar in which I will share the rest of this simple, yet powerful formula for becoming a warrior not a worrier!