COVID outbreak: Kleinwort Hambros is committed to ensuring the safety of our staff and clients.


The COVID situation is evolving rapidly across Europe and, for many, there are understandable concerns about how our loved ones and day-to-day lives may be affected in the coming weeks.

Our first priority is to reduce the risk of infection for both colleagues and clients. Since the early days of the outbreak, Kleinwort Hambros has taken a number of steps to minimise risks.

We are confident that we have put in place the necessary measures to ensure business continuity, whilst protecting the health of our staff. Our teams are fully prepared and equipped to work remotely, accessing the bank’s systems by means that maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our data.

We are also grappling with the market effects of the spread of COVID. The Kleinwort Hambros Investment Committee is meeting regularly throughout this period of volatility to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. We remain highly vigilant as always and are watching momentum and other signals to guide our actions in the near-term.