Flexible ways to borrow.
We provide flexible credit solutions by consolidating various asset classes as collateral under one provider of credit. This enables clients to realise their individual goals with the lending solution as an integral part of their overall wealth plan.

Through our Specialist Lending Advisers, clients benefit from tailored solutions including home finance, (property purchase, bridging loans, equity release) and Lombard Finance (secured by marketable securities for the purchase of additional assets.)

Depending on the evolution of the client wealth planning structure all lending solutions can be provided to either individuals or personal holding companies.

We offer a range of solutions including:

Real Estate Lending

As part of a wider relationship we offer finance secured either on your home or a residential investment property.

Investment Backed Lending

These loans can be used to complement your overall wealth management strategy by providing a facility secured against investment portfolios managed by Kleinwort Hambros with a view to enhancing your overall return. Your portfolio can also be used to secure borrowing required for other purposes.

Specialist Lending

As part of the Societe Generale Group we can introduce you to specialist teams who will offer you advice, as well as structure and provide the finance required for these acquisitions.

Kleinwort Hambros arranged overdraft facility

We offer flexibility for you

Sometimes you may want extra flexibility for occasional expenses. If you're an existing KH banking client, you can apply for an arranged overdraft facility that is based on your needs.

  • We offer a flexible and convenient service
  • We believe you should have access to something altogether more flexible and convenient.  There are no arrangement, usage or renewal fees for the arranged overdraft facility. All arranged overdraft requests are subject to approval.
  • We offer a competitive arranged overdraft rate
  • With the KH account, you’ll pay arranged overdraft interest at a highly competitive rate of our KH Base rate found here.


General Overdraft Information

The Kleinwort Hambros account arranged overdraft is a credit facility we agree with you in advance, allowing you to borrow money up to an agreed limit when there is no money left in your account. An unarranged overdraft is a form of credit created when a payment leaves your account, but you do not have any money left in your account and you have reached (or do not have) an arranged overdraft limit. We may decide to stop payments if you are in (or that would take you into) your unarranged overdraft, and this may result in your service provider charging you for missed payments. We will charge you interest on both types of overdraft (arranged and unarranged) and the rates we charge are available on our website. The interest rate on the KH account unarranged overdraft is generally higher than arranged overdraft interest, so using an unarranged overdraft will typically cost you more. If you are unable to repay your arranged or unarranged overdraft, we may report this information to a credit reference agency.  Both types of overdraft are typically intended for short-term rather than long-term borrowing.

Unarranged overdraft
Unarranged overdraft interest is charged at our KH Base rate +10% per annum, variable – this can be avoided if you remain within your arranged overdraft limit.

For additional guidance on borrowing please refer to:


  • Credit is subject to status and approval.
  • Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.