Trusts and foundations

Your future starts today.

A trust is a relationship where a trustee (an individual or a company) carries on business for the benefit of other people (the beneficiaries). Our solutions are capable of delivering the level of protection you require whilst anticipating the needs of current and future generations. Having a succession plan and clear strategy to secure wealth transition from one generation to the next is as important as having a succession plan within the context of any family business or enterprise.

This may be in parallel with lifestyle changes or family events. Marriage, sale of a family business and the birth of a new generation are the most obvious examples.

Importantly, it is possible for trusts to own anything from financial assets to real estate or from shares in a family business to a private yacht or piece of valuable art.

Succession planning

Smooth and effective inter-generational transfer of assets to family members in line with your wishes.

Sustaining your wealth

Protection of your family wealth and business from events outside of your control. Control the flow of capital and income to beneficiaries who may be unable to manage wealth themselves.

A single family view of wealth

Consolidate your assets under a specific holding structure. 


Trusts avoid the need for probate (which can be a public process in many countries). As such the terms of the trust are confidential between the creator of the trust (‘settlor’) and its trustee.