Private Investment Office

A new model for family wealth.

Managing substantial and complex family wealth requires experience, expertise and extensive resources.

With a background in establishing and operating a single family office, we recognise the particular challenges involved in managing large and complex private investment portfolios. We understand that today's wealthy families require a flexible approach from experienced investment professionals with institutional resources to meet their individual needs.

The Kleinwort Hambros Private Investment Office is designed for those with complex and substantial wealth who wish to avoid the time and expense required to establish and maintain their own family office. We offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing all aspects of the investment management process.

A fresh perspective

Our approach is to empower families by offering a bespoke "family office"; suite of services with the flexibility to choose their own optimal mix. This allows our clients to decide the amount of control they wish to retain; leverage the resources of Kleinwort Hambros combined with the wider Societe Generale group; and to minimise the administrative burdens of managing complex wealth. Our approach is also compelling for those who already have their own family office but are looking for additional support in specific areas. This service is not yet available to all Kleinwort Hambros clients, please contact us if you require further information.

Investment Strategy

After clarifying your objectives, we design an investment strategy. Our capabilities range from optimising asset allocation to creating a bespoke investment committee as well as suggesting co-investment opportunities.


Using our award-winning portfolio management strategies, we construct and manage portfolios, investing efficiently and with a focus on cost control. We also provide solutions for liquidity, hedging and financing activities.

Corporate and advisory services

We provide access to a team of corporate specialists who can assist in private placements, lending and transaction origination in private companies.

Control and oversight

Our Integrated Reporting and Investment Surveillance (IRIS*) service provides families with the tools to understand, analyse and measure performance and costs across all their investment portfolios.

Families using Iris also benefit from:

  • A concise understanding of the underlying costs in their portfolios
  • A confidential approach and secure storage of all data
  • A comprehensive risk framework - The reduced costs and benefits of an outsourced solution: and;
  • An historical record of all investment activities

 *This service is not regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) or the Prudential Regulation Authority (‘PRA’).