Wealth Management

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Managing your investments requires time and expertise, as markets and solutions are becoming more complex and the flow of information may be overwhelming.

We work with you to develop an appropriate investment strategy that is right for you, based on a thorough understanding of your investment requirements, risk tolerance, performance objectives and investment preference.


Delegate the management of your portfolio to our expert investment professionals.

You may wish to delegate investment decisions to our experts, either because you do not have the time, or the immediate access to market information, to make timely investment decisions. Perhaps, you simply prefer to entrust your financial assets to an investment professional.

Guided by your investment objective and risk tolerance, the portfolio manager will exercise discretion to construct and manage your investment portfolio. It will be kept under review and rebalanced as necessary to reflect changes in the outlook for particular investments, markets or asset types.


You make the final decision on your investments with advice provided by our experts.

We provide you with the expert investment knowledge you need to make informed portfolio decisions, allowing you to stay in control of your investments.

Advice can take many different forms and we offer a holistic approach to help you make investment decisions:

  • Asset allocation: defining a global asset allocation overview of your portfolio, will allow you to quantify your risk tolerance.
  • Recommendations: once we have defined your optimal asset allocation together, we assist you to build your personalised portfolio and provide you with investment advice based on your requirements and our investment convictions.
  • Risk management: we monitor your portfolio and may recommend new investment ideas consistent with your investment profile and changing market conditions.

We offer different levels of service depending on how much time you wish to spend on investment decision making and how much involvement and expertise you want. Depending on your investment needs and profile, a dedicated investment expert can advise you.


Invest directly in the markets with no investment advice provided by our experts.

You are passionate about making your own investment decisions and simply require a platform to execute orders.

We offer different levels of service to add value to your trading experience, combining security, trading freedom and speed of execution.

You can place your orders through your private banker or on our e-banking platform. If your orders are more complex, you can have access to our dedicated execution teams who can place them for you. If you are a professional client1, trading actively and making investment decisions on a daily basis, or trading on more complex products, we can provide you with tactical market information and technical assistance in order to optimise your trading strategies. This is delivered through access to our Luxembourg and Geneva dealing rooms and private traders.

1 As defined by Directive n° 2004/39/CE of April 21 2004 “MiFID”; or equivalent notion for fiscal resident clients of territories not submitted to MiFID regulation.
The availability of some of the services described in this brochure may vary in the Societe Generale group entities.
2 Accounts will need to be opened Societe Generale Bank and Trust in Luxembourg or Societe Generale Private Banking (Suisse) SA in Geneva for access to these dealing rooms.
Dialogue and Asset Allocation
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Wealth management
If you would like to steer the asset allocation of your portfolio according to your own particular objectives, Societe Generale’s financial engineers have, alongside private bankers, created a dynamic reallocation method.
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Wealth management
We understand it is our responsibility to protect your wealth and find prudent ways in which to grow it in order to achieve your objectives.