At Kleinwort Hambros we employ motivated and talented individuals to keep developing and growing our thriving business.

At Kleinwort Hambros, we understand the importance of creating strong relationships with our clients. 

We need to have an intimate understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives, their hopes and aspirations, while recognising that no two clients or their needs are the same. So, we have to be personally involved at all times. Clients need to know that when they call, it’s you who will answer.

By developing these strong personal relationships with each client, we are able to better help manage their wealth. We can grow it at a local or, thanks to our international network, global scale.

Every member of staff, regardless of role, contributes to our ability to create better, deeper, more personal relationships with our clients, while offering them a greater level of service and opportunity. This collective team spirit allows us to work with them proactively and achieve the best results.

And while you are busy investing in relationships with clients, Kleinwort Hambros will be doing the same for you. We’ll help you to build your career, providing you with opportunities to grow and develop. We understand that the longer you stay with us, the better you are able to build relationships with and manage the wealth of our clients.

Welcome to Kleinwort Hambros.

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