Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

Defining the Purpose of Wealth

Philanthropy can give meaning to your wealth, create positive change and a family legacy which will transcend generations.

Do you want to pass on your wealth in a meaningful, long-lasting way?

Giving wisely requires a fine balance between individual values, financial acumen, passion, and commitment.

We all have a charitable cause that is close to our heart. By investing a portion of your wealth into a charitable structure you can help those in need of support. Defining the impact you want to have is the first step to achieving your philanthropic goals. Our team of experts will guide you through the process to maximise charitable giving as part of your overall wealth plan.

Structuring Charitable Giving

Our dedicated team can help design your giving strategy and establish the most appropriate structure to benefit your cause.


Donor Advised Fund 

A charitable account created under the ‘umbrella’ of a sponsoring non-profit organisation such as the UK registered charity Prism the Gift Fund (Prism).


Charity Endowments

An organisation set up to provide grants for those in need.



A non-profit corporation or charitable trust that provides grants to organisations, institutions, or individuals for charitable purpose.

Managing and Administering Charitable Structures

Managing a charity requires knowledge and experience of accounting, regulatory policy and risk management.


From identifying the beneficiaries of your charity or foundation through to guiding its strategy and administering it on your behalf, we provide expert advice to help you achieve your charitable goals. 


We can act as Trustee or Administrator and take care of all the required administrative functions of the charity or foundation. To include: holding and controlling the assets, maintaining financial records, preparation of budgets, the facilitation of preparing accounts, the review and payment of grant allocations, dealing with investment managers and policy statements, preparation of Board meetings, agendas and Minutes and reporting to the Charity Commission.

Banking and Investment Management

We provide banking  and investment management services to charities and foundations ensuring that your legacy can continue to benefit the desired causes over time and through generations. We offer dedicated responsible investing strategies to ensure the funds in the charity or Donor Advised Fund are managed in accordance with your values.

Your Philanthropic Journey

Meet with your private banker and philanthropy experts to define your charitable goals

Introduction to solicitor or legal advisor to identify the most efficient gifting structure

Guidance through management of giving strategy

The positive impact of your charitable giving begins