Helping female entrepreneurs unleash their potential
23 Nov 2023 Despite the strides in equality in recent years, only one in three entrepreneurs in the UK is female[1]. We take a look...
Women & Wealth
The Female Financial Lifecycle
19 Apr 2021 A wealth planner’s role is to understand each client’s very personal circumstances and discuss what is most important...
Women & Wealth
WealthiHer Report - Executive Summary
28 Feb 2020 Financial performance is important but personal goals are paramount, WealthiHer Network
Women & Wealth
The 7 Types of Wealthy Women
25 Feb 2020 Analysis of the WealthiHer Network's market research found that wealthy women’s attitudes can be grouped into seven...
Women & Wealth
Understanding the diversity of women’s wealth
25 Feb 2020 Women’s wealth and income are growing faster than ever. The Centre for Economics and Business Research estimates that by...
Women & Wealth
The WealthiHer Network
08 Jan 2020 Kleinwort Hambros is one of the founding partners of the WealthiHer Network.