Succession Planning and Wealth Structuring

Sustaining your wealth

Sustaining your wealth

When your assets and business interests are complex, valuable or perhaps spread across different countries, your wealth is exposed to a variety of hidden risks. The impact of different legal, regulatory and tax environments can have unintended consequences for everyone involved.

Every family views the purpose of wealth differently, according to their values, lifestyle and experiences, as well as the legacy they want to leave behind. Planning should be at the front of your mind whether you are focused on building and preserving your wealth, maintaining your lifestyle or finding ways to contribute positively to society and the environment for many years into the future.

By organising and structuring your wealth in the right ways, you’ll be able to ensure a seamless wealth transition to current and future generations, creating a sustainable financial or societal legacy. 


Flexibility and control

Flexibility and control

By working closely with you and your personal advisers, SG Kleinwort Hambros can help put in place an estate planning and succession strategy to solve a variety of needs, including:

Consolidating your assets under a specific holding structure to create a single-family view of wealth.

Creating a secure financial future for minors or dependents, today and tomorrow, as well as a seamless wealth transition to future generations.

Managing the flow of capital or income to beneficiaries who may still be unable to take responsibility for wealth themselves during or after your lifetime.

Providing some measure of protection to your family wealth, financial assets and family business from events outside your control.

Structuring family wealth

Structuring family wealth

Wealth structuring can provide you with a flexible framework to take control of your wealth and manage a wide range of changing circumstances.

We are able to support our clients through the development and deployment of different solutions including family trusts, private trust corporations, family investment funds, charitable or non-charitable foundations and the creation of dedicated asset or investment holding companies.

Having a clear and sustainable succession plan brings a number of advantages including:

Limiting the scope for family conflict and disagreements, through the development of family governance strategies.

Protecting vulnerable family members.

Protecting a family business.

Ensuring a smooth transition of family wealth, in alignment with your core values.

Providing a strong basis for sustaining family wealth for the long-term and facilitating an orderly and controlled wealth transition framework.

A well-designed plan can also be aligned with a family’s charitable and philanthropic aims, founded on their views around sustainability and their ESG (environmental, social and governance) priorities.


Thinking ahead

Thinking ahead

For many, the idea of setting up a succession planning strategy can feel overwhelming. The challenge is not limited to planning the structure of wealth, but aligning your approach with the rest of your family. This has never been more relevant than today. 

Sharing views and discussing aspirations can help ensure you pass on a consistent purpose to the next generation, as well as a sustainable financial or societal legacy. The more ambiguity can be removed, the more likely the next generation will understand your vision and a sustainable wealth transition will be achieved.

Our expert teams will help you navigate the most important decisions and define the guiding principles you wish to apply. Our staff are highly experienced and committed to establishing enduring relationships. In many cases, our relationship with a family endures to at least the third generation and quite often beyond.

Our clients benefit from our experience of helping families secure sustainable wealth transitions spanning more than 60 years.

Services for corporate clients and family businesses

Services for corporate clients and family businesses

Our dedicated team administers a range of employee benefit trust arrangements for corporate clients and family businesses.

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