Interview with Sally Alington - Founder of Ethos Farm Group
28 May 2024 Sally Alington is the founder and CEO of the global consultancy firm Ethos Farm, a group of companies including Ethos...
Interview with Karen Gill, everywoman co-founder
24 Apr 2024 Karen Gill MBE is the co-founder of everywoman, a global learning and development organisation that drives positive...
In conversation with Tamara Gillan
11 Dec 2023 Tamara Gillan is the founder and CEO of Cherry London - a marketing and brand relationship building agency, and...
Helping female entrepreneurs unleash their potential
23 Nov 2023 Despite the strides in equality in recent years, only one in three entrepreneurs in the UK is female[1]. We take a look...
Passing on the business gene
02 Nov 2023 Are you familiar with the the HBO series Succession? The struggles and misadventures of the billionaire Roy family are a...
Business Exit: A Well-planned Business Exit
12 Oct 2023 The decision to sell, or partially sell, is arguably the most intense thing an entrepreneur (founder or major...
INTERVIEW: Social Entrepreneurs - Helping to Drive Change
20 Jul 2023 Julian Matthews, Managing Director at Real Wild Estates
Social Entrepreneurs: Helping to Drive Change
29 Jun 2023 Social entrepreneurs are driven by wanting to make the world a better place. We take a look at the challenges they face...
INTERVIEW: A change of Direction - Becoming an Entrepreneur
19 Jun 2023 Ryan Edwards, CEO of tech and music start-up Audoo
Female Founders: In Conversation with Henrietta Norton
24 Jun 2021 Henrietta Norton is a highly regarded nutritional practitioner, specializing in fertility and pregnancy, and has used...
Female Founders: In Conversation with Kate Bright
19 Nov 2020 Entrepreneur. Pioneer. Change agent. In conversation with Kate Bright, Founder and CEO of UMBRA International.


From start up to sale, the course of building a business never did run smooth…

Welcome to The Entrepreneurs’ Chat, a podcast brought to you by Kleinwort Hambros. 

In this series, host James Hurley, Enterprise Editor at The Times, is joined by six entrepreneurs to delve behind the scenes of ambitious and fast growing companies. Meet the people behind the businesses, as our guests share the challenges they have faced throughout their entrepreneurial journeys – and the lessons they have learnt along the way