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The art of valuation: how is a work of art or a collectors’ item evaluated?
28 Nov 2023 How do valuations really work? What criteria and methodologies are used? To answer these questions Laurent Issaurat,...
Helping female entrepreneurs unleash their potential
23 Nov 2023 Despite the strides in equality in recent years, only one in three entrepreneurs in the UK is female[1]. We take a look...
1858 Ltd, On the Art of Collecting
15 Nov 2023 Interview with Laurent Issaurat, Head of Art Banking at Societe Generale Private Banking, in France.
Passing on the business gene
02 Nov 2023 Are you familiar with the the HBO series Succession? The struggles and misadventures of the billionaire Roy family are a...
A genuine commitment to the Arts
01 Nov 2023 An overview of Societe Generale's activities in the field of art with Aurelie Deplus, Head of the Societe Generale...
November 2023 - Monthly House Views
27 Oct 2023 Walking a tightrope

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