Understand your needs

Whatever your project, SG Kleinwort Hambros provides an introduction to professional partners in the art world who can deliver an array of services*:

  • Acquiring, selling or transmitting art works? Our partners can assist you from the first estimate to the final deal.
  • Building an art collection? Our partners can help you define your project and implement it, in accordance with your requirements and objectives.
  • Protecting and managing your art collection? Our partners will help you inventory, insure and estimate your collection. They will recommend solutions to protect your art assets and facilitate the achievement of your heritage.
  • Combining art and philanthropy? Our teams and partners will make sure you express your convictions throughout the process.

    *SG Kleinwort Hambros will receive a fee for this introduction, details available on request.

Why us?

To access art experts: Our partners will give unbiased advice on auction houses, art galleries and art dealers.

To go global: Our partners have access to a wide selection of artworks across the globe.

To save time: Societe Generale Private Banking selects the best art experts for you.

Step by step


You inform your Private Banker you are interested in arts.


Your Private Banker will liaise with an Art Banker from Societe Generale Private Banking, who will select partners best matching your requirements.


No, on the contrary, our offer is aimed at a wide range of clients: some wish to be accompanied for a first acquisition or the building of a collection, others for the evaluation of one or more objects with a view to a sale, or for the insurance or transmission of a collection, or even for a philanthropic project in the world of the arts.

Even though we have experienced and knowledgeable people within our organisation SG Kleinwort Hambros' ambition is not to become an art "expert". In this field, the real expertise is in the hands of professional partners from the art world, who have experience, specialisation and irreplaceable infrastructures, difficult to duplicate within a bank. We believe that it makes more sense to mobilise hand-picked experts from the art world in order to accompany each client appropriately.

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