Wealthy Individuals Connected to France

French-speaking Private Bankers and experts can help you manage your wealth and interests based between the UK, France and further abroad. 

Wealthy Individuals Connected to France

Whether you are a wealthy French national already living in or moving to the UK, or a wealthy individual who has interests in France and Francophone Europe, our UK-based team can simplify your international financial challenges.

We are able to gather expertise, products and services for you, to invest in French or British property, assets and investments or perform cross border transactions. With our French Desk Team based in the UK, you will benefit from an exclusive personalised relationship.

Wealth Planning

Planning your international wealth

When your assets and business interests are spread across the UK, France and Europe, your wealth is exposed to a variety of risks.

A carefully considered wealth plan is essential if you want to take care of your wealth for many years to come.

In the first instance, we want to make sure we fully understand your circumstances, priorities and goals. International wealth planners will assess your situation and assets, and then develop a plan that can adapt to your changing situation and needs.

We can also provide succession planning and have the expertise to establish structures such as trusts, companies and foundations in various jurisdictions based on appropriate advice. If necessary, you can be connected  to wealth planners in various European countries such as France, Luxembourg and  Switzerland.

Benefit from a network of international wealth planners.

Investment Management

Choose the way you prefer to interact with us.

Investing with French-speaking experts

Investing successfully today requires to identify opportunities across the world’s financial markets and to navigate the risks within a continuously changing environment.

Our award-winning investment team comprises specialists across asset allocation and portfolio construction as well as asset and fund selection.

You can access our investment expertise in various ways, depending on your objectives and how involved you would like to be in the investment process: discretionary portfolio management, investment advisory or execution only.

Buying a Property

Buying a property in the UK, France and Europe

Are you searching for a property in the UK ? 

You may have wide-ranging financing needs, often complex. We have the resources and expertise required to offer a range of flexible lending solutions, according to your individual situation and needs.

Would you like to invest in a pied-à-terre in Paris, a secondary house in the South of France or real estate in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and Monaco ?

If you are interested, we can connect you with Société Générale Private Banking that can assist you to buy your property in France and in Europe and provide you with relocation services* (property search, mobility services…). 

* Relocation services are provided by Société Générale Private Banking (SGPB) in France and in Monaco. The UK rules for the protection of retail clients and the UK compensation scheme do not apply to services provided by SGPB in Europe in relation to the purchase of properties in Europe. 

Flexible lending solutions and property search partners for your real-estate projects.

Transacting and Saving

A day-to-day banking designed to work globally.

Transacting and saving


We provide a range of transactional multicurrency accounts, including offshore options such as Gibraltar and the Channel Islands. We combine this with a range of services such as: a premium credit card, foreign exchange services and digital solutions.


Based on your cash requirements, your Private Banker can help you identify the appropriate solution, through a range of simple but effective saving solutions, including notice deposit accounts and bespoke fixed term deposits, offering competitive rates of interest in a variety of currencies.


Networking with the Franco-British community

As French individuals living in the UK for many years, our private bankers will be happy to share their Franco-British connections with you.

With more than 200 years in the UK, we have a diverse clients and partners community including successful entrepreneurs, charismatic leaders and trusted partners connected to the Franco-British community.

We are delighted to bring these exceptional people together in our events and dinners to create new opportunities.

Exclusive events and dinners to create new opportunities.

Pursuing Your Passions

Pursuing your passions


Are you planning to acquire, sell or transfer artwork, or maybe trying to build up, protect and manage an art collection? Your Private Banker can connect you to Société Générale Private Banking’s experts to help you to make the right decision*.

* This is not a regulated activity and therefore the UK rules for the protection of retail clients and the UK compensation scheme do not apply.



Whether you are trying to buy a wine estate or vintage wines, we may be able to connect you with Société Générale Private Banking that can assist you with your project through a network of partners in Real estate and Wine collection*.

* This is not a regulated activity and therefore the UK rules for the protection of retail clients and the UK compensation scheme do not apply.


Are you thinking of buying a yacht or a private jet? Benefit from the expertise of Société Générale Private Banking Monaco team specialized in financing super/Mega-yachts and private jets in Monaco**.

**The UK rules for the protection of retail clients and the UK compensation scheme do not apply to services provided by Société Générale Private Banking Monaco.

Any services and investments may have tax consequences and it is important to bear in mind that the SG Kleinwort Hambros Group does not provide tax advice. You should seek professional tax advice in order to understand any applicable tax consequences.

Why us?


A large French-speaking team of Private Bankers and experts based in the UK


International expertise, solutions and services


Access to Société Générale Private Banking in France and in Europe

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