Create your wealth plan

Life is full of surprises. That is why a carefully considered plan is key if you want to take care of your wealth for many years to come.

Create your wealth plan

At a time when managing wealth involves more opportunities and risks than ever before, we can help simplify your financial challenges today, tomorrow and beyond.

Individuals, couples and families come to us for confidential advice, new ideas and innovative ways to protect, grow and transfer their wealth. We take a comprehensive view that incorporates both personal assets and business interests. It's an approach that’s attractive to those with assets held in a variety of structures – and often across multiple countries – who are looking for a detailed and personal service.

We work well with other professional advisers, including lawyers and accountants. Our experience is that this collaborative approach is beneficial to families of all sizes.

At the beginning of our relationship with you, we’ll make sure we fully understand your circumstances, priorities and goals. Our wealth planners will assess your situation and assets, and then develop a plan that can adapt to your changing situation and needs.

By building a long-term relationship, we’ll create a wealth strategy flexible enough to meet your needs far into the future.

Grow your wealth

Grow your wealth

Managing your investments requires time and expertise, as markets and solutions are becoming more complex and the flow of information may be overwhelming.

We work together to develop an investment strategy that is right for you, based on a thorough understanding of your requirements, risk tolerance, performance objectives and investment preference.

What can you expect if you come to SG Kleinwort Hambros for our investment expertise? In the first instance, you will meet with one of our private bankers. From this starting point, we will discuss your needs, goals and constraints and develop a personal investment plan. We consider a wide range of issues, from your tax status and time horizons to your future cash flow needs.

Our award-winning investment team comprises specialists across asset allocation and portfolio construction, as well as asset and fund selection. We are guided by a well-defined philosophy and process to identify investment opportunities across the world’s financial markets and navigate the risks of a continuously changing environment.

When you invest your wealth, you can protect its spending power against the impact of inflation and also grow its value.

Manage day-to-day banking

Managing your money should be straightforward, wherever you are and at any time - day or night.

Manage day-to-day banking

Our banking solutions connect you with your wealth anytime, anywhere.

Private banking with SG Kleinwort Hambros brings you closer to your money. We combine the personal attention of your Private Banker with the benefits of a secure online portal to meet your needs simply and swiftly.

Cash plays an important role within your wealth strategy, providing liquidity to pursue new opportunities and diversification against your investment portfolio. Your private banker will analyse your current and future cash requirements to identify the most appropriate solution, no matter how complex your circumstances.

In today’s world, managing your money often involves making payments in a range of currencies and across borders. We provide foreign exchange in all major currencies and our transactional accounts include offshore options in Gibraltar and the Channel Islands. Our premium credit card is tailormade to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

Looking to grow your wealth yet maintain flexibility? Our simple yet effective cash solutions include a range of instant access, fixed term and notice deposit accounts, offering competitive rates of interest in a variety of currencies.

Finance your needs

Finance your needs

We provide lending solutions to support you at all stages of life’s financial journey.

We know your circumstances are unique and are likely to require tailored financing solutions. At SG Kleinwort Hambros, we take the time to understand your situation as well as your financing and liquidity needs.

That is why we offer a wide range of flexible lending products – from investment-backed lending to unlock value from an asset or investment you don’t want to sell, to tailored mortgages and loans to buy additional assets.

Our experience tells us that the most appropriate solutions can sometimes be complex. Whether your needs are straightforward or more challenging, we can arrange personal and professionally managed lending structures. We often find ourselves liaising closely with trustees, family offices, tax advisers and other professionals to ensure we find the right route.

We also know that through residency, employment and exposure to investment markets, your situation is likely to be increasingly geographically diverse. In addition to providing traditional lending solutions, we also help manage currency exposure as part of your worldwide investment and business activities.

Whatever your financing needs, our tailored solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Establish your legacy

Succession planning is essential to safeguard your wealth for current and future generations.

Establish your legacy

Providing for future generations requires planning and forethought.

Private wealth is often exposed to hidden risks and a change in family situation can have unintended consequences for everyone involved. We offer a range of solutions to deliver the level of confidentiality and protection you require, while maintaining a degree of flexibility to anticipate the needs of current and future generations.

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and those of your family. They can be adapted as the requirements of you and your family change over time, in parallel with lifestyle changes or family events. Marriage, the sale of a family business and the birth of a new generation are the most obvious examples.

In order to develop your objectives, you’ll discuss your needs and specific circumstances with your private banker, as well as an expert wealth planner or Fiduciary specialist.

By working closely with you and your personal legal and tax advisers, we’ll assist in the creation and implementation of the solution to meet your needs and those of your family. Collaborating with your advisory team ensures that whatever solution we implement is appropriate, fit for purpose – as well as legally compliant and sustainable.

Give with impact

Defining the impact you want to have is the first step to achieving your philanthropic goals.

Give with impact

Giving back requires a fine balance between individual values, financial acumen, passion and commitment.

We all have a charitable cause that is close to our heart. By establishing a charity you can not only create positive change, but also a truly sustainable family legacy which will transcend generations.

SG Kleinwort Hambros offers ongoing management of your charitable investments. Working with your private banker and our specialist partners, we can help you establish a charitable foundation and then provide ongoing support and administration services, including preparing accounts and reporting to the Charity Commission.