Independent Financial Advisors

Through our personal approach, expertise and attention to detail, we work with you to seek to protect and grow your clients’ wealth

Broadening the spectrum of services to your clients

Your clients can benefit from access to a wide range of services, from our investment strategies to specialist lending products.

At SG Kleinwort Hambros we understand the importance of creating strong relationships based on trust, service, and expert knowledge. We share one straightforward goal - to add value to the services that you offer your clients to meet their needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of investment management services which are delivered with exceptional levels of service. These can be tailored to match each of your clients’ specific risk profiles, financial goals and the level of involvement they wish to have in managing their investment portfolio.

Supporting you and your clients

By choosing SG Kleinwort Hambros, you are able to:

Maintain full control of your client relationship

Carefully select only the services which are most relevant to your clients

Draw on our expert Investment managers who have access to extensive research and market opportunities

Benefit from collaborating with a financial institution with over 200 years’ experience of managing wealth

Access full private banking services including specialist lending, cash deposit rates and banking cards

We provide everything you would expect from a modern and innovative private bank.