Are you mystified by the many facets of wealth? 

Or curious what responsibility means in the current world?

'The Wealth Chat' is back: In this series, host  Jonathan Speck, Senior Partner at Mourant in Jersey, will be joined by Jonathan Needham, Head of Trust and Succession for Société Generale Private Banking, Simon Kleis, Head of Private Client Trust for SG Kleinwort Hambros and six renowned and experienced colleagues from the private client, and contentious family dispute areas of practice. Together, they will discuss why it’s important to have a succession plan for your family wealth in order to facilitate a smooth transition to future generations and avoid some of the pitfalls. 

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What Does Good Planning Look Like in Practice? With Jonathan Speck, Clare Stirzaker and Nicholas Jacob
Jonathan Needham Head of Trust and Succession planning for SGPB
26 Jun 202334min32s
Think of the Worst to Plan for the Best with Jonathan Speck, Melody Munro and Graeme Kleiner
Jonathan Needham Head of Trust and Succession planning for SGPB
05 Jun 202334min32s
If You Fail to Plan, You Will Plan to Fail with Jonathan Speck, Siobhan Riley, Beatrice Puoti
Jonathan Needham Head of Trust and Succession planning for SGPB
09 May 202334min32s
What is Money? The Importance of Financial Education
Paul Kearns Head of Banking and Credit Solutions
25 Jun 202134min32s
What Does it Mean to be a Responsible Bank in 2020?
Delyth Richards Head of Client Solutions
Mouhammed Choukeir Chief Executive Officer
25 Jun 202132min27s
On Target: Ideas for Investing in an Era of Change
John Birdwood Group Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management
25 Jun 202122min31s
Grab the Bull by the Horns, but Bear this in Mind...
Mouhammed Choukeir Chief Executive Officer
25 Jun 202117min13s
Women in Wealth
25 Jun 202122min24s
What I Wish I Knew About Investing When I Was Young
Mouhammed Choukeir Chief Executive Officer
25 Jun 202123min55s
Private Banking and Technology, friend or foe?
Gene Salerno Chief Investment Officer
25 Jun 202127min12s
Geopolitics and Investing
Mouhammed Choukeir Chief Executive Officer
25 Jun 202118min17s

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