Our support for rugby goes back several decades, over 30 years in fact. Since then, the Societe Generale Group has continuously reiterated its commitment and passion for the sport through building initiatives to support rugby at all levels, men’s and women’s teams, from rugby union to rugby sevens.


Societe Generale has been a Worldwide Partner of the Rugby World Cup since 2007 and is proud to be continuing to support this world renown event for the 2023 World Cup in Paris.

Societe Generale has been an historical partner of rugby. We share the sport’s values of team spirit and commitment, and we want to support its development in an inclusive way all around the world. Our long-term commitment carries a special weight within the current sanitary context and economic uncertainty, which has affected the global rugby family. It was both a natural fit and our responsibility to partner for the seventh time with the next Rugby World Cup in France in 2023.
Frederic OudeaChief Executive Officer, Societe Generale

Rugby remains the sport at heart for the company and for our employees, embodying two of our core values - team spirit and commitment.

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