CIO Blog: Tails of the Unexpected XI

Tails of the Unexpected XI

Given the extraordinary circumstances and events of the past few years, this year might prove to be relatively quiet in comparison. Still, financial markets rarely fail to offer surprises, and 2024 is sure to offer its own unique twists and turns. 

In the eleventh edition of our annual series “Tails of the Unexpected”, we consider a range of scenarios that are not part of the consensus thinking – or at least not yet. We also consider some of the implications for markets generally and SGKH portfolios more specifically, should these come to fruition.

Click here or on the digital document below to learn more in our 2024 February CIO Blog: Tails of the Unexpected XI. 


Accompanying our digital document, please click on the play icon below to watch Gene Salerno, our Chief Investment Officer, and Thomas Gehlen, our Senior Market Strategist, explore long-term investment opportunities in more detail.