Gender Pay Reporting

We have the ambitious target of reaching parity of female professionals in senior positions (VP and above) by 2025*. 
We believe that attracting, promoting and retaining women throughout our business is critical to our success.

From championing female investors through the WealthiHer Network, to supporting talented women into the workplace through our Gender Equality Forum, we’re making real progress in our gender diversity, measured as well through the year on year narrowing of our Gender Pay Gap.

*we have 34% of senior women as of March 2021

Kleinwort Hambros Gender Equality Forum

The Kleinwort Hambros Gender Equality Forum has the objective to support and accelerate gender equality at Kleinwort Hambros. The Forum focuses primarily (although not exclusively) on our female colleagues, to offer them support and guidance, to provide a platform for them to share ideas, gain knowledge and develop confidence in the workplace. A series of events take place throughout the year including workshops on women’s health, panel discussions on how to bring more equality in the workplace, interviews of senior women, etc. It’s important that we maintain strong engagement of all staff on this important topic and the Forum activities facilitate that.

Gender diversity in recruitment 

We aim to have a balanced pool of candidates for all roles – including for all our internal succession plans. Our Summer Internship Programmes are equally split between female and male interns.  We have implemented diverse recruitment panels for all roles ensuring that all our candidates meet both male and female colleagues during their interview process. We also advertise all our roles as open to careers returners - having taken time off structured work to care for family or for other projects will have added an additional skillset to people - and we want to hear about it!

Flexible, inclusive working 

We have supportive family-friendly policies in place, including emergency care plans wherever possible.   We offer flexible working opportunities for everyone. We are continually looking at how we can improve our working environment for all our employees including those with caring responsibilities.

Founding partners of the WealthiHer Network 

At Kleinwort Hambros, we are proud to be one of the founding partners of the WealthiHer. Together, we’re championing and supporting female investors, entrepreneurs and clients. We are committed to furthering understanding of the diversity of women’s needs and empowering female clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to grow and protect their wealth in new ways.

Our latest Gender Pay Gap report is an opportunity to both share our progress and hold ourselves to account.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Our 2020 Gender Pay Gap figures
  • A summary of what this means

By creating balance and enabling progress, we seek to be a symbol of positive change in the financial services industry – and thrive as an organisation that realises the true value of its remarkable talent.

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