Gender Pay Reporting

Gender Pay Reporting

Kleinwort Hambros helps individuals, families, entrepreneurs, charities and their advisers to manage their financial assets. To understand our clients’ different and changing needs, we need an expert team that is just as diverse as they are. So we’re not just
committed to fostering a balanced and inclusive workforce; it’s at the very heart of our ambitions to create a more prosperous future for all.

Our latest Gender Pay Gap report is an opportunity to both share our progress and hold ourselves to account.

Inside you’ll find:
• Our 2019 Gender Pay Gap figures
• A summary of what this means
• A progress report on key gender initiatives
• ‘Finding my balance’ people stories.

By creating balance and enabling progress, we seek to be a symbol of positive change in the financial services industry – and thrive as an organisation that realises the true value of its remarkable talent.

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