CIO Blog: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

The past seven decades have been a golden era of economic growth, which in turn have driven outsized investment returns from most asset classes. The next seven decades are unlikely to be so fruitful for investors, and contrary to popular opinion, it is not the effect of the Covid pandemic, the Ukraine war, or banking failures that threaten investment long-run returns. 

More fundamentally, two of the main drivers of economic expansion - population growth and labour productivity - are now beginning to stagnate. To navigate a new paradigm of lacklustre growth, we must challenge our assumptions about financial markets, expand our investment universe, and focus even more on the quality of our investments. Learn more in our June 2023 CIO Blog.


Accompanying our digital document, please click on the play icon below to watch Fahad Kamal, our Chief Investment Officer, and Thomas Gehlen, our Senior Market Strategist, explore long-term investment opportunities in more detail.