Women & Wealth
Mind the (Pension) Gap
08 Mar 2024 In the realm of retirement planning, a significant gender gap persists, casting a shadow over the long-term financial...
Wealth Planning
Tax Year End Planning
28 Feb 2024 With the end of the tax year on the horizon it is worth considering whether you have made the most of your allowances in...
Financial education
The Psychology of Wealth
07 Dec 2021 Do emotions affect our wealth?
Wealth Planning
Wealth Planning: How is it changing the course of financial affairs for women?
25 Nov 2021 Women can build financial confidence in many ways. A good place to start is discovering how they attach emotions to...
Wealth Planning
Wealth Planning for Business Owners
23 Nov 2021 It’s important for business owners to protect their own wealth as well as their company’s. Andrew Dixon, Head of UK &...
Wealth Planning
Wealth Planning: What Really Matters
02 Jul 2021 In uncertain times, it is more important than ever to know where we are heading and how we want to get there.
Wealth Planning
Stealth Tax, Not Wealth Tax: Budget 2021 - Our Experts’ Analysis
04 Mar 2021 This Budget saw Chancellor Rishi Sunak attempt to balance the demands of the government’s Covid-19 response with the...
Wealth Planning
How much should I save for retirement?
21 Sep 2020 Written by Stuart Beaver, Senior Wealth Planner
Wealth Planning
Principles for Effective Wealth Planning
15 Jun 2020 At the heart of Kleinwort Hambros’s investment philosophy are three simple objectives: Get the big decisions right, take...