The 7 Types of Wealthy Women

Analysis of the WealthiHer Network's market research found that wealthy women’s attitudes can be grouped into seven categories.

Working with Kantar, a world leading market research consultancy, WealthiHer surveyed more than 2,500 people, questioning participants about their attitudes to wealth and identifying trends around how women’s attitudes to wealth differed to men’s.

WealthiHer then conducted a survey with more than 100 high-net-worth women.

1-2-1 interviews and focus group sessions were held with financially successful women, to understand the different approaches to their wealth.

Further analysis of the WealthiHer Network's in-depth conversations found that wealthy women’s attitudes can be grouped into seven categories.

The pragmatists

Often from more humble beginnings, Pragmatists come into wealth through hard work and determination. They understand that money cannot buy you happiness but they also know money makes the hard times a lot more comfortable. While they may not believe it is right they can be accepting of the fact that success is often measured in financial terms.

The independence seekers

The Independence Seekers use their wealth to give them freedom. For them, it is about not being reliant on others to do what they want to do. Once earned, independence is not something they are going to give up in a hurry. This can lead them to being risk aware and wanting a high level of control over their investment choices.

The adventurers

The Adventurers are looking for as many experiences as they can get. Wealth for them comes from the life they live. Money is the ticket that gets them on the ride. They are risk takers. 

The democrats

A Democrat wants to increase representation and level the playing field. They see their role as supporting other women. Democrats want to open opportunities for others and drive democratisation.

I want to create an environment where we can meet and empower each other. That's why we created the Women in Business network.
Hydi Yip, Private Banker, identifies herself as a Democrat Private banker

The providers

Grafters by nature, Providers are often the main breadwinner in their household. Providers care most about accumulating a legacy for their children. They are more interested in the selfsatisfaction that they get from other areas of their life than the money but they want to make sure their wealth gives a helping hand to their children and grandchildren.

The supporters

The Supporters see wealth as  something that comes from health, family and friends. They are financially secure and use money as a tool to support themselves, their friends and those around them achieve their goals. They provide a ladder to those they love and the causes they believe in.

The legacy creators

For the Legacy Creators, wealth is something that lasts beyond their own lifetime and beyond their own family. They want their wealth to build something that continues to say something about them long after they have gone. For them it is a ticket to ensuring their place in history.