The Wealth Chat Podcast

Are you mystified by the many facets of wealth? Or curious what responsibility means in the current world?

Fahad Kamal, Chief Investment Officer and Rebecca Constable, Private Client Director and Head of Philanthropy, dive into the world of wealth and explore how to simplify life’s financial challenges. 


# 4 The Future of Land in the UK

The rural sector is in a state of significant transition. Agricultural policymakers find themselves juggling food and rural productivity with net zero emissions targets, reversing the decline in biodiversity and the need for social cohesion.

In this episode Fahad Kamal, Chief Investment Officer is joined by Emily Norton, Head of Rural Research at Savills

How can land be both a source of – and a solution to – climate change? As land use evolves rapidly, can investors capitalise on new & emerging opportunities?

# 3 What is Money? The Importance of Financial Education

How can organisations join forces with charities to help young people from underrepresented backgrounds realise their full potential?

Our host Fahad Kamal, Chief Investment Officer, is joined by Anne-Marie Canning, CEO of educational charity The Brilliant Club and Paul Kearns, Head of Banking and Credit Solutions.

Kleinwort Hambros is proud to partner with The Brilliant Club, whose mission is to make higher-level learning more accessible. Together, we have created an educational course on economics and finance for pupils aged 11-13 asking “What is Money?”

# 2 Getting Real Opportunities of Work (GROW) with Shelter

What are the biggest misconceptions about homelessness? How can individuals and institutions help combat the ongoing housing emergency? Our host Rebecca Constable, Head of Philanthropy, is joined by Polly Neate, CEO of the housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

Kleinwort Hambros and Societe Generale are proud to support Shelter as our staff-selected UK charity partner, helping people who have experienced homelessness get real opportunities of work.

# 1 Defying Gravity - The future of London's prime residential property market

In the face of a global pandemic, the property market seems to have defied gravity with prices and sales volumes reaching record highs. Where are we seeing the biggest growth? Our host Rebecca Constable, Private Client Director is joined by Camilla Dell, Founder of Black Brick Property Solutions, to ask – is London’s residential market past its prime?


#1 - Geopolitics and Investing

Chief Market Strategist and podcast host Fahad Kamal explores the relationship between geopolitics and the financial landscape. He is joined by Mouhammed Choukeir, Chief Investment Officer and Deputy CEO at Kleinwort Hambros, to find out how investment decisions are influenced by what happens on the geopolitical stage. Fahad questions how far we can predict market behaviour in relation to geopolitical events, and whether we should just look at the hard data when making investment decisions.

#2 - Private Banking and technology, friend or foe?

This episode considers technology in the context of private banking. How is technology disrupting private banking? Where is technology helpful? Is it at times a hindrance? Joining our host Fahad Kamal in the studio is Paul Kearney, Kleinwort Hambros Head of Private Banking, and Gene Salerno, our Chief Digital Officer to discuss whether private banking and technology really are friends or foes.

#3 What I wish I knew about investing when I was young

This episode asks: why is saving so important, especially when you are young?  What is the best way to put your savings to work? How do our life goals influence the ways in which we invest? Chief Market Strategist Fahad Kamal is joined by Mouhammed Choukeir, Chief Investment Officer and Deputy CEO at Kleinwort Hambros, to discuss why investing is more relevant to young people than ever before.

#4 Succession planning: Looking to the future

This episode tackles the multi-faceted nature of succession planning, from tax implications to the intergenerational transfer of wealth. Chief Market Strategist Fahad Kamal is joined by Andrew Dixon, Head of Wealth Planning at Kleinwort Hambros, and guest speaker Chris Moorcroft, Partner at Harbottle & Lewis LLP. Any services and investments may have tax consequences and it is important to bear in mind that Kleinwort Hambros does not provide tax advice. The level of taxation depends on individual circumstances and such levels and bases of taxation can change. You should seek independent professional tax advice in order to understand any applicable tax consequences. 

#5 Women and Wealth

This episode considers the relationship between women and wealth. By 2025, 60% of the UK’s wealth will be in the hands of women, prompting the question: what are the distinctions, similarities, and most importantly, the needs of this demographic? Chief Market Strategist, Fahad Kamal, is joined by Tamara Gillan, co-founder of The WealthiHer Network, and Nadia Kribi, Senior Relationship Manager at Kleinwort Hambros. Kleinwort Hambros is one of the founding partners of The WealthiHer Network. 

#6 Planning for retirement

This episode addresses the question of retirement planning and pensions; the ways in which we save, how to put our savings to work, and how our approach to retirement differs across generations. Chief Market Strategist, Fahad Kamal, is joined by Andrew Dixon, Head of Wealth Planning at Kleinwort Hambros, along with Mehareen Ali, Senior Wealth Planner. 

#7 Grab the Bull by the horns; but Bear this in mind…

Fahad Kamal, our Chief Market Strategist, is joined by our Chief Investment Officer and Deputy CEO, Mouhammed Choukeir, to discuss the legacies of ‘Bull’ and ‘Bear’ markets, how long they typically run for, and the prevailing conditions which signal when a ‘Bull market’ is coming to an end.

#8 On Target: Ideas for Investing in an Era of Change 

This episode asks: do we live in a world of shortage, or abundance? How does the impact of new technologies affect our growing demands? How do we stand to gain from these changes? Chief Market Strategist Fahad Kamal, is joined by Director of Portfolio Management, John Birdwood, to discuss everything from agriculture to blockchain.

#9 What does it mean to be a responsible bank in 2020?

This episode asks: what does it mean to have a responsible investing proposition? What is 'greenwashing'? What can we expect to positively transform our industry in the next 10 years? Chief Investment Officer Fahad Kamal, is joined by Chief Executive Officer, Mouhammed Choukeir, Head of Client Solutions Group,  Delyth Richards and Chief Executive Officer of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association, Simon Howard to discuss these important questions.

#10 Animal Instincts: You Haven't 'Herd' The Half Of It!

Our host Fahad Kamal (Chief Investment Officer) is joined by Greg B Davis of Oxford Risk, a specialist in applied decision science, behavioural finance and financial wellbeing. This episode explores improving investment decision making through the lens of behavioural finance. What are emotional biases and how can we exploit them? How will humans continue to add value over technology based solutions and algorithms?

#11 City Slicker to Rural Ranger?

The shift from city-living to country-living has been a long standing trend in the UK Residential Real Estate market, and one that is bolstered by the COVID-19 pandemic. But where are these trends really occurring? Does it spell the end to City-living? How much demand remains for the traditional “Prime Real Estate” in London? Our host Fahad Kamal (Chief Investment Officer) is joined by Alex Bunyan (Senior Credit Advisor) and  Lucian Cook, Head of Residential Real Estate Research at Savills to find out more.

#12 How to train your brain to make better financial decisions

Which techniques can we use in daily life to optimise brain health? Can this help us better manage wealth and investments? Our host Fahad Kamal, Chief Investment Officer, is joined by Natalia Ramsden, business psychologist and founder of SOFOS Associates. How can we boost cognitive performance and what is its impact on the financial decision making process?