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eBanking Services

Societe Generale purchased Kleinwort Benson in June 2016 and subsequently launched Kleinwort Hambros as the new combined brand name. The full legal integration was completed on 6 November 2017. The eBanking platforms within both entities will however continue to provide services to existing clients in the UK and CI.

Kleinwort Hambros is in the process of transitioning both Societe Generale Private Banking Hambros (SGPB Hambros) and Kleinwort Benson (KB) eBanking platforms to a single new Kleinwort Hambros eBanking platform, therefore, this service is not yet available to all Kleinwort Hambros clients. Existing services will continue to be provided to clients in the intervening period. If you require further information please contact your banking relationship manager.

Links to both SGPB Hambros and KB eBanking information is provided below.

SGPB Hambros eBanking:
SGPB Hambros eBanking and mobile eBanking links will continue through the existing eBanking service provided via the Societe Generale Private Banking network.

Web links within the Kleinwort Hambros website will continue to contain eBanking help guides and further SGPB eBanking reference material.

Kleinwort Benson eBanking:
This service is currently provided to existing Kleinwort Benson Channel Island customers only.

Kleinwort Hambros anticipate the provision of eBanking services to Kleinwort Benson UK customers via a new ebanking service once the transition to a single platform is complete.