Open Banking

Open Banking & Third Party Providers API Portal

Open Banking is the result of a regulation introduced by The Competition & Markets Authority. It will deliver a platform for greater competition and choice for customers. It will enable personal and business customers to share their data securely with banks and third parties, allowing them to compare products, initiate payments and request account information. The data is shared via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

Third Party Provider Portals

Kleinwort Hambros, as part of the Payment Service Directive, will have a testing facility based on Open Banking standards and available for authorised Third Party Providers to test API access from March 2019.

If you are an authorized Third Party Provider (TPP) by the FCA please contact us:  openbankingsupport@kleinworthambros.com

If you are an authorised Third-Party Provider (TPP) by the FCA please use the following links to access our onboarding guidelines.

Open Banking Integration document