You are passionate about making your own investment decisions and simply require a platform to execute orders. Invest directly in the markets with no investment advice provided by our experts.


We offer different levels of service to add value to your trading experience, combining security, trading freedom and speed of execution.


You will have access to our dedicated execution teams who can discuss your requirements in detail and place your orders for you. Our team in London can provide you with publicly available information and key trading metrics on your investments as required, and work with you to execute your investment decisions quickly whilst also minimising price impact.


If you are a professional client1, trading actively and making investment decisions on a daily basis, or trading on more complex products, we can provide you with tactical market information and technical assistance in order to optimise your trading strategies. This is delivered through access to our Luxembourg or Geneva dealing rooms under the Prime Market Access service2.

1 As defined by Directive n° 2004/39/CE of April 21 2004 “MiFID”; or equivalent notion for fiscal resident clients of territories not submitted to MiFID regulation.
2 Accounts will need to be opened Societe Generale Bank and Trust in Luxembourg or Societe Generale Private Banking (Suisse) SA in Geneva for access to these dealing rooms.

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